FFREE SOFTWARE Send Council and Utility Notifications With One Click

FFREE BILLING SUPPORT A dedicated account manager to assist with all billing issues

FCOMMISSION When we find tenants great deals, you'll earn commission

CINTERGRATION Seamlessly send notifications directly from your CRM

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A smarter thinking home-move service that seamlessly connects your tenants and home-buyers with great deals, whilst saving you time and money.

This software solution offers quick and clever automation when setting up council and utility accounts and provides advanced functionality such as, council tax and water supplier look-up. It also imports the new unique property reference number (UPRN).

Muuvo includes free billing and administration support, as well as a dedicated account manager, who will always be on hand to assist, thereby saving you precious time and unnecessary stress.

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Council Tax and Utility Registrations
  • Bespoke software to manage the council tax and utility obligations for tenants and landlords, making sure bills are going to the right places.
Council, Water and Energy Supplier look-up
  • When adding a property, multiple API connections will add all the information you need to register your new movers and landlords, including the current energy supplier and meter details.
Billing Support and Account Management
  • On the odd occasion when the local councils and utility suppliers get things wrong, your dedicated account manager will be on hand to help resolve billing issues.
Commercial, HMO's and Home Buyer Service
  • We don't just stop at residential lettings, Muuvo enables property agents to earn commission when adding services to anyone that's moving property. Maximise your full earning potentials with recurring commission.

TTraining and Support

Your account manager is on hand to maximise your earning potential, increase understanding of our choice of market services and to assist in using the system to its full potential.

VVoid Service

This service is optional and offered to agents wishing to switch back to a preferred energy suppler on the day the property becomes empty. The benefits of this service include a zero standing charge, meaning bills will only be generated for energy that's used in the void period, with no estimated billing and what’s more, any amounts under £15 are wiped and no bill generated, saving time, money and trees.

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